Problems started when I got a from Shree

Ask me how to turn any activity into self-analyzing zen process.

So, is this talk going to make anybody happier?

What is Happiness?

I think it's

But first, let's talk about reasons


Because I you

And because of that reason

Today * I am not going to

* will do it in 2015

And never going to
  • Convince you
  • Persuade you
  • Deicide if you should use it
  • Decide if Ingenio should use it


We will have 20 mins of fun together

Anyway it's almost Xmas

"So yeah, we tried Slack ..."

- Sandwich Video team

Slack is killing email

They do amazing things

More FYIs

They use Slack

Flickr co-founder is behind

Stewart Butterfield


Happiness is

Slack is not

but it's